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Welcome to High Performance Computing (HPC) at the University of Bonn. This website is your central hub for everything concerning HPC.

Here you can find information on the central HPC systems at the University of Bonn, possibilities to interact with the HPC community and our partners (like HPC.NRW), training opportunities, and articles on important topics such as publication policies. There is also information on our consulting services and what to do if you want to use other HPC systems beyond Uni Bonn.

This website is the shared work of both our HPC-related groups: The HPC team at the University Computer Centre (HRZ) and the High Performance Computing and Analytics Lab (HPC/A-Lab).

Latest News
Scheduled Marvin Downtime on March 26, 2024

Dear HPC users,

due to a firmware upgrade we need to schedule a Marvin downtime for Tuesday, March 26, 2024. It will start at 9:00 and most likely take around four hours.

No job that is currently running should be affected. Any jobs that are in the waiting queue on that day will simply start running after the maintenance window.

We will notify you when the maintenance work has been completed.

Marvin registrations now open!

Dear HPC users,

we are happy to announce that you can now register for using Marvin. Below are the most important things you need to know:

HPC-Cluster "Marvin" Opening on March 11, 2024

Testing phase for experienced users will be re-launched on February 13th

"Marvin", Uni Bonn's supercomputer, installed in 2023, is nearing its final release day. The cluster, consisting of 192 MPP nodes with a total of 18400 compute cores plus an additional 300 NVIDIA GPUs, had been presented to the public in a festive inauguration ceremony on October 20th, marking the start of an intense testing phase allowing highly experienced "power-users" to already use the cluster for numerical simulations while at the same time reporting any potential problems or hickups to the maintenance team at the Computing Centre. This first testing phase started overwhelmingly positively, showing that the performance of the cluster is even higher than had been previously promised by the vendor Megware.

Marvin opening delayed to late February

We regret that we have to postpone the opening of Marvin to everyone. It will be delayed to at least the end of February. The closed testing phase will most likely resume before that date.

This delay is due to necessary additional work on the cooling infrastructure and monitoring hardware.

As always, we will keep you up to date via at least our two main communications channels: our website https://www.hpc.uni-bonn.de and the hpca-forum@listen.uni-bonn.de mailing list.

Best regards

Your HPC Team

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