HPC Support at the University of Bonn

Contact us for advice

In addition to operating the systems, we offer the following consulting servcies:

  • Advice on how to run your jobs
  • Help with technical problems
  • Advice on improving the performance of your software
  • Advice on how to move to larger systems if ours are not enough

The HRZ HPC Team and the HPC/A Lab consist of experts in multiple disciplines and can offer advice on a broad range of topics.

Interested? E-mail us at contact@hpc.uni-bonn.de and we can schedule a consulting session.

Other support topics

Acknowledging System Use

Do you publish scientifc manuscripts based on results obtained via HPC systems of the University of Bonn or under scientific support of the HPC/A Lab? Learn more about mandatory notifications and precompiled acknowledgement templates.

Bonna Resource Sharing

Did you receive a request to confirm the use of a computing share associated with your research group and wonder why? Are you simply interested in how the computational resources on Bonna are shared among researchers? Follow the button to learn more.

External Computing Resources

Do you require additional, potentially large-scale computing resources beyond the locally avaiable HPC systems? Learn more about opportunities to request computing time on different sites and at different tier levels.

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