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The high performance computing services (HPC) provided by the university of Bonn are an essential service for the campus community. We offer multiple HPC systems, as well as support, consulting and training concerning the use of these systems and scientific programming in general. Our systems Bender, Bonna and, Marvin can be used by all researchers, including students, at Uni Bonn.

It consists of two teams:

The HPC Team at the IT and Data Center (HRZ) is responsible for maintaining the university's central HPC clusters, particularly Bender and Marvin. As of November 2023, the HPC team has five members, whose tasks reach from technical maintenance, support, consulting, up to organizing workshops and training courses.

The High Performance Computing and Analytics Lab (HPC/A Lab) is a team of scientists from scientific disciplines including physics, computer science and machine learning, intended to offer advanced consulting to researchers. The HPC/A Lab is also involved with gauging the HPC demand and guiding the strategic development of the HPC service (e.g. preparing future system purchases).

Both teams are assisted by the HPC scientific council, which consists of researchers from various departments of the university, who advise on users' needs and provide feedback on the HPC services.

Our aim is to deliver prompt, precise, and multidisciplinary support to you. This multidisciplinary approach enables us to address your needs effectively and efficiently. Rest assured that by collaborating closely together, we are committed to delivering top-notch support that meets your expectations.

You are:

  • A scientist (Student, research assistant, Professor, or any other academic role) at the University of Bonn and you are interested in registering for one of our High-Performance Computing (HPC) Clusters.
  • Already a user and own an account, but are having trouble getting started with your work
  • Experienced in using HPC clusters but encounter difficulties when it comes to executing a job.
  • Working on your data analyses and you continue to receive an error message that persists.

Please reach out to us with your request via our contact form or the contact@hpc.uni-bonn.de e-mail address.

We offer:

How to contact us?

Please contact us preferably by e-mail. The corresponding email addresses can be found under the respective sections. For general requests, you can use our contact form or the contact@hpc.uni-bonn.de e-mail address.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

HPC Team Members

To discover the talent behind our success:

See the HPC/A Lab website for details about HPC/A Team members.

Learn more about the dedicated HPC Team @ HRZ members below.

Avatar Steiner

Jan Steiner


Support | Organization of workshops and trainings
Avatar Kuckertz

Michael Kuckertz


Technical and administration staff
Avatar Behtsis

Panagiotis Behtsis

Technical and administration staff
Avatar Barbi

Dirk Barbi

Avatar Ferchichi

Khaoula Ferchichi

Support | Training courses

Looking to join the team?

We have open positions for Linux system administrators and for support personnel. Check the university's jobs portal for open positions.

Our core values:


We react promptly and offer you an accurate support.


We ensure that your problem is solved and your inquiries are thoroughly addressed.


We employ our interdisciplinary expertise to fulfill your request.

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