HPC/A Mailing Lists

If you would like to stay informed about current developments in and around the University of Bonn in topics related to Scientific and High Performance Computing as well as Data Analytics (HPC/A), please consider subscribing to our mailing lists.

HPC/A Forum

Target audience: All members of the University of Bonn as well as their scientific collaborators using some of the HPC/A infrastructure of the university, be it centrally or locally at their respective institutes.

Purpose: Direct communication channel to distribute general information, e.g. about central software acquisitions, new courses, usage regulations, or developments of the available clusters. Also: Looking for cooperations or discussion of central strategic questions by the various HPC groups.

HPC Admins

Target audience: Administrators, technicians, and employees with corresponding tasks.

Purpose: For technical questions and topics of system operation (in general, installations, troubleshooting, workarounds, etc.) and also in terms of a kind of "2nd level support" with the further option that HPC.NRW could help as a 3rd level.

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