09. October 2023

Marvin - the next steps Marvin - the next steps

Construction measures completed successfully and on time, inauguration in October, open for use in December

Megware Employees installing Marvin cluster components in the summer of 2023.
Megware Employees installing Marvin cluster components in the summer of 2023. © Lea Hataj / Uni Bonn
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Dear HPC users,

here is an overview of what will happen over the next months concerning the Marvin cluster.

Planned Timeline

The hardware has been installed and load tests have been completed. We are currently setting up basic system functionality together with the system integrator Megware.

The next step is that a small selected group of users will be let onto the system for initial applicaton testing. This will happen in the next few days. These users have already been selected.

In the afternoon of October 20, the TRA Symposium on HPC will take place. This event will feature talks from HPC users and support team members. It will also give you the chance to get in contact with your fellow HPC users at Uni Bonn. You can register for the event here. The TRA Symposium will begin at 13:00 on October 20, following a closed inauguration ceremony for invited guests in the morning.

We currently plan to open Marvin to general users in December of this year. This is barring any unforeseen problems of course, and we make no guarantee of availability.

Registration for HPC use

When Marvin is open, you will be able to register via a web form on our website https://www.hpc.uni-bonn.de. The procedure will be similar to the Bonna registration process. The current plan, which may be subject to change, is that users will also be asked to specify a research group that they belong to and computations will be counted against that group's contingent. This is again similar to how compute time on Bonna is handled and is to ensure a fair distribution of resources.

If you want to learn how to use our systems, we offer training courses in using the cluster, using the Linux console and others. You can find the course program for the upcoming winter semester on eCampus.

We will inform you when registration is possible via (at the very least) our two main communications channels:

  1. Our website https://www.hpc.uni-bonn.de
  2. The mailing list hpca-forum@listen.uni-bonn.de (click here to join the list).

Further information

Best regards

Your HPC Team

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