20. September 2023

HPC courses now online for the summer semester 2024 HPC courses now online for the summer semester 2024

Registration via eCampus now open for all courses

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Dear HPC users,

the course program for the HRZ HPC training courses in the upcoming summer semester is now online.

View all HRZ courses in eCampus here: https://ecampus.uni-bonn.de/goto_ecampus_cat_3283353.html

Register by joining the eCampus page. IMPORTANT: some courses are held multiple times. You MUST join one of the groups to attend in that case, just joining the event is not enough.

Individual courses:

All Uni Bonn members are welcome to attend, even if they are not HPC users.

Note that most of the above courses will also be part of the "Doctorate plus" graduate program, or otherwise be eligible for credit. We can create participation certificates upon request. We do not make the decision of eligiblity however, and cannot guarantee credit.


Best regards
Your HPC Team

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