HPC & Analytics Software

About specific software installed on the central HPC systems.

Module System, Flexible Installations, & Common Procurements

The central HPC clusters all provide a variety of common compilers and libraries typically used in an HPC environment and make these available using the module system / command. There are also some research specific packages installed system-wide. Please check first if your needs are fulfilled by referring to the module system and system-specific Wiki pages. If you need special software that is not accessible system-wide and which you cannot easily install locally (or which you require for many users at once), please contact directly the administrators of the respective cluster (see the contact addresses on the System pages).

Apart from that, we would like to draw your attention to the possibility of acquiring and using certain HPC related software (and licenses) thanks to central procurements and as part of the HPC.NRW networking. To access this information, please visit the HPC/A Forum Confluence page on HPC software as well as the more general Software and Licenses Confluence pages of the HRZ (both accesible only from within the university network).


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