GPU-Server bender

A small GPU-server called bender was purchased and installed by HRZ in 2022. It is mainly intended to be used for Teaching contexts but suitable applications for Science projects will also be given access provided that enough resources are available.

Technical details:

4 Compute Nodes:

  • GPUs: 4x A40 Nvidia 48GB RAM
  • Host CPU: 2x Intel Xeon(R) Silver 4309Y (Intel-Arc) 8C/16T 2,8GHz
  • Memory: 384GB RAM
  • Local SSDs: 2x480GB SSD Raid1
  • Network Connections: 2x1G Ethernet Uplink, 1x200Gbit Infiniband

1 Login Node:

  • Host CPUs: 2x Intel Xeon(R) Silver 4314 (Intel-Arc) 16C/32T 2,4GHz
  • Memory: 768Gb RAM
  • Local Hard Disks: 2x480GB SSD Raid1
  • Network Connections: 2x10G SFTP+ Uplink, 1x 200Gbit Infiniband

1 Storage Node:

  • Total Disk Space: 10*4TB HDD (Raid6)
  • Host CPUs: 2x Intel Xeon(R) Silver 4309Y (Intel-Arc) 8C/16T 2,8GHz
  • Memory: 128GB RAM
  • Internal Disks: 2x480GB SSD Raid1
  • Network Connections: 2x1G Ethernet Uplink, 1x200Gbit Infiniband

Installed Software:

  • Batch System: Slurm
  • CUDA
© Volker Lannert (Uni Bonn)


For all technical questions / support requests, please contact:

Personal contact:
Avatar Barbi

Dirk Barbi


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Michael Kuckertz

+49 228 73-66125

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