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Linux Introduction Course

This course is directed to absolute beginners in Linux/Unix and its command line. We will cover some basic properties of Linux OS (in comparison to MacOS and Windows), how to obtain and install Linux, the role of the shell (at the example of bash), and the most basic shell commands. At the end of the course, the participant will be able to use the shell for basic file system operations, search files for text, pipe commands, and also write very basic shell scripts.

The course contains all material from Software Carpentry's The Unix Shell.

The course will be conducted in English.

Next Workshop


  • 5 July 2023
    16:30 - 20:00

6 July 2023
16:30 - 20:00


The course will be held in person in PC-room 0.012 at the HRZ, Wegelerstr. 6. The course is limited to 30 participants. 


Preface: Getting ready

  1. The UNIX/Linux Operating Systems - a short history
  2. Linux vs MacOS / Windows
  3. How to obtain Linux
  4. Installing Linux 

The UNIX/Linux Shell

  1. Introducing the Shell
    What is a command shell and why would I use one?
  2. Navigating Files and Directories
    How can I move around on my computer?
    How can I see what files and directories I have?
    How can I specify the location of a file or directory on my computer?
  3. Working With Files and Directories
    How can I create, copy, and delete files and directories?
    How can I edit files?
  4. Pipes and Filters
    How can I combine existing commands to do new things?
  5. Loops
    How can I perform the same actions on many different files?
  6. Shell Scripts
    How can I save and re-use commands?
  7. Finding Things

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