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Introduction to Working on HPC Clusters

Using HPC systems like Bonna and Bender requires some basic understanding of the design and functionality of cluster architectures.

This course is intended for future users of the HPC clusters at the University of Bonn, who have no prior knowledge of working on HPC systems.

Basic knowledge of the Linux / Unix shell is needed.

This course will be conducted in English.

Next Workshop


12 July 2023 - 13 July 2023
16:30 - 20:00


The course will be held online via Zoom. The course is limited to 20 participants. 


HPC Basics

  1. Basic design of clusters
  2. An overview over the (centrally maintained) clusters of the University of Bonn
  3. How to get access
  4. Connecting remotely to a cluster (example: bender)
  5. Loading software modules
  6. Functionality and usage of batch systems (example: Slurm)
  7. Interactive jobs and basic job scripts
  8. Cross-compilation

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