27. February 2023

Course Announcement: Building a Raspberry Pi Cluster On March 17 the HPC team will hold the course "Building a Raspberry Pi Cluster". Registrations are now open.

Dear HPC users,

what could be a better way to understand how an HPC cluster is built than building one yourself? We throw dozens of Raspberry Pis, Cables, SD-cards and stuff on a big table and see what happens. At the end of the workshop you will have assembled a basic cluster, configured the network, and run the first MPI application on it, just like on one of its bigger siblings like bonna or bender.

On March 17 the HPC team of HRZ will hold the next course "Building a Raspberry Pi Cluster".

To register and for more information check out the eCampus page for the course: https://ecampus.uni-bonn.de/goto_ecampus_crs_2873645.html

Best regards
Your HPC Team

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